Want to change your entry on the search engine?

You can make amendments to your listing on the AardvarkBusiness.net Business Search Engine at any time.

Perhaps you want to change your description, add more keywords, or change the URL that your link points to? Then you've come to the right place!

The most common request we receive is to add new keywords to your entry so that you appear for more search terms. For example if you had a store in New York, you might well have submitted the following keywords:

        new york, store, shopping, usa, nyc, shop

This would mean that you would appear in the list of results if anyone searched for any of the following:

        usa shop
        new york store
        new york shopping

...and so on. However, you would not appear if anyone searched for:

        manhattan shop (the word 'manhattan' had not been supplied)
        new york city shopping (the word 'city' had not been supplied)
        new york stores (the word 'store' only had been supplied, and not the plural of the word)

If you wish to change any of the details at any time, we charge a modest fee of just $30 to cover our time. It is important to understand that this fee is for your requested changes to be reviewed and constitutes no guarantee that the request will be fulfilled.

For instance, if in the above example you submitted keywords such as 'seattle, los angeles, las vegas, washington dc', your requested changes would be refused because they are not relevant to your listing, but you would still incur the $30 charge for the time we spent assessing your request. Thankfully, this happens very rarely. If you are in any doubt about the validity of your proposed changes, please email aaron@aardvarkbusiness.net first.

Now that that's all been explained, please go ahead and use the form below if you wish to make a request.

Your Name:
E-mail Address:
Business Name:
Requested Amendment:

Please give as much detail as possible (eg. specify your Web site address, the exact changes to be made to the entry, and so on)


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