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Aardvark Business RSS forum feed - Configuration

From this page you can create a custom RSS feed to keep track of the latest posts on the Aardvark Business forum

If you haven't already created an RSS feed link, just make your selection
from the options below and press the "Get The RSS Feed" button.

If you already have an RSS feed link either created here or selected from the front page, you can automatically fill in this form.

Just click here to go to the auto-configure option, enter your RSS feed link and press the "Pre-Configure" button.
Then make your amendments on the form and press the "Get The RSS Feed" for an updated RSS feed link.

Topics to display:
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Strict RSS or HTML RSS:
Strict RSS is the most compatible version
HTML RSS may display better on some online readers
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Select the forums you want to monitor

To select all available forums, just leave the selections blank

To select multiple forums use the CTRL key in Windows and Apple key on an Apple Mac

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