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How to lose yourself a sale

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:33 pm    Post subject: How to lose yourself a sale Reply with quote

I can't get over how pushy some people can be sometimes. I am currently wanting to buy some playing cards, branded with a company logo on the back. I did a Google search and unearthed a few potential sites, one of which was promotional-merchandise.org.uk

They have one of those 'liveperson' chat things (it wasn't Liveperson but something similar) on their site which kept popping up so I thought I'd give it a try. My main concern is the quality of the product. I know a lot of these promotional items can be really cheap, but so too can the quality... so I'm looking for someone that will do good quality at a competitive price. For this reason, I would need to see the item first - I don't care if it's branded with some company I'm not interested in. I'd just like to be sent a pack of cards that gives me an idea of the quality of what I'd be getting.

So, here's how my 'liveperson' chat went....

Now online: Leave a question or comment about your requirements and our support team will try to attend to you shortly

Customer Service
Hi there! Noticed you're new to our site. Our support agents are online, feel free to chat with us if you need assistance.

You are currently being served by
Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali
Hi, I see that you have been on our website for a few minutes. Is there anything I can help you with?

You (click to change)
I'm looking for good quality branded playing cards

Mohammed Ali
yes we have that
may i know how many you need?

You (click to change)
i would like to see a sample to ascertain quality - can you issue one?

Mohammed Ali
yes we can include that in the free quote that will be sent to you shortly
may i ask how many you need?

You (click to change)
i don't know at this stage... i just want to see a sample

Mohammed Ali
we can allow to see samples if you're looking for a quote
like giving approx numbers of the items you need

You (click to change)
I will want a quote if I like the quality of the item

Mohammed Ali
the free quote that we will send is no obligation in your point

You (click to change)
will you send a sample?

Mohammed Ali
if you like what you see then you can continue get the item
if not just let us know
yes as long as you will ask for a free quote
we don't really send samples oly

You (click to change)
this is getting a little irritating... sorry, but will go elsewhere

Mohammed Ali
that's what we require in order for us to get you a samples

You (click to change)
ok, never mind... bye

Mohammed Ali
okay thank you and have a great day1

Mohammed Ali has left the chat, but don't worry. We will still be able to retrieve any messages you leave behind.

Last message received at 3:23pm

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