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how did they find me !

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Joined: 24 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 7:21 pm    Post subject: how did they find me ! Reply with quote

Hi all

ive recently been getting letters from a company called CAPQUEST saying i owe money to littlewoods finance co. However i know i dont owe them anything

ive told cap quest this but they persist in writing to me demanding payment in full or court action will be taken ???

Ive spoken to littlewoods who say they have no record of me ever having any business with them (i could of told that them !) but if the debt had been sent on to capquest then all info would of been handed to them ??? Is this right ?

surely they should keep some sort of record of who owes / owed what ? agreements and the such ?

any way back to my original point ...
today i had a call on my mobile from capquest (a rude man) demanding i admit to the debt being mine etc etc i refused to admit to a debt i know isnt mine and requested he send me all info regarding the debt in writing including said aggreement i apparently have /had with littlewoods .
He said i owe it and that was pretty much all he did say ??? he said they would contact littlewoods by email??(surely phone would be quicker) and get back to me !

Now my question is How on earth did he know my mobile number ? I have only given it to family . I have registered it with Vodafone when i first purchased my mobile phone (to get my free credit lol) How is it possible for someone to get hold of my mobile number ?

Any one know ? i cant believe vodafone would disclose it to anyone ? and i haven't ever rung c*ap quest with it ???

any help appreciated as its really bothering me - how have they got my number as judging by the letters they are now gonna ring me umpteen times a day Evil or Very Mad .
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Joined: 15 Oct 2002
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 8:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

HI Lisa

That does sound a strange one. If you've only give your number out to family and Vodafone, then I can only assume that your number has leaked through one of those channels.

With regards to the 'debt', I think you'd be best trying to keep any communications in writing. I'd slap 'without prejudice' on the top of anything you send them just in case, although I appreciate you probably have no case to answer. If you've sent a letter or two saying that you have had no dealings with them, and asked them what the debt is for and they've been unable or unwilling to answer or furnish you with any agreement, then I suspect you have absolutely nothing to worry about. These collection agencies are invariably very persistent and threatening but it's usually all talk and no action judging by my experience. I once had a collection agency demanding around 50 for me because of a contract I terminated with NTL (but they neglected to record properly) - I can't remember how many "final" warnings they issued me with of court proceedings before it finally fizzled out.

The use of your phone number is a strange one, though... presumably you can see if they attempt to call you on it again, and you could just not answer...?

Good luck - keep us posted with how you get on.

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Old Welsh Guy

Joined: 22 Feb 2004
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 8:53 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

They will lie, they will call all the numbers they have and in a nutshell LIE to whoever answers to get yur number. Also companies like Vodaphone will gladly sell your details to any company who asks for them.

My wife had a problem with this many years ago, it was also Littlewoods who said she owed them money. The goods were delivered apparently to an address where she lived previously. I told them she never had a Littlewoods account, they insisted I proved that fact? I tried to explain that it is impossible to prove something that didn't happen. They said she owed the money. I asked them for dates, they told me the date of the debt, I then told them that someone had stolen the goods and they should contact the police.

They refused to accept this, so I told them that I would contact the police that day, and they can from then on in deal with the police as it is a criminal not civil matter. As I was a material witness to the crime they had better not contact me again, but deal directly with the police. It stopped dead.

Your case is different however, they are trying to get money for a debt that doesn't exist. What you need to do now is to get hold of a fax number and fax (and registered deliver) a scale of charges for dealing with the company. (I have used this and it works perfectly).

When they contact you next, simply tell them that you do NOT owe the money, and that you will b4 charging them for the inconvenience of dealing with them. at the following rates

Telephone call to mobile phone 100 telephone to home 50 Replying to letter 150.

It is important that you speak to the supervisor not the person who calls you. Also you need to then ask to make a formal verbal complaint as you wish to escalate the complaints procedure.

All creditors and debt collection agencies have to follow the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) debt collection guidance.

This includes "putting pressure on debtors or third parties is considered to be oppressive."

You can complain to the debt collection agency and your local trading standards department and to the OFT. The guidance is on the OFT's website.

here is one of the main complaints
failing to investigate and/or provide details as appropriate when a debt is queried or disputed, possibly resulting in debtors being wrongly pursued

http://www.oft.gov.uk/News/Press+releases/2005/154-05.htm this is the Office of fair Tradings site with the info on.

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